The Best Wines for your Spring Collection

Raeburn Spring Wine Collection

Spring is the time to gather friends for picnics and leisurely dinner alfresco. We ditch the heavy stews and casseroles and embrace the vitality of Spring’s produce. Warmer weather usually entails lighter fare: fresh veggies, grilled chicken and fish, pasta salads, and fruit platters. It is the start of a new year fresh with all its promise and hope, and the culinary selections of Spring reflect this. Pairing seasonal dishes in the Spring with wines is no different – it is all about emphasizing the season’s flavors by pairing them with young, bright, crisp, and refreshing wines. Clean, fresh foods require wines with invigorating palates. Now is the time to start stocking up on the warm weather favorites – whites, roses, and light red wines- which will see us through our Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations and into the balmy summer months.

The Wines of Spring
Sauvignon Blanc: A Splash of Sunshine
The lighter body, lower alcohol, and cooling acidity of white wine make it a go-to in warmer weather. However, not all whites offer the same pairing qualities. When selecting white wines for Spring, it’s essential to seek the whites that balance the flavors and qualities of lighter dishes. Spring’s easiest white wine choice is ultimately Sauvignon Blanc. This aromatic wine is always a crowd-pleaser and pairs effortlessly with salads, fruits, and vegetables. Sauvignon Blanc is known for its fragrant herbal, tropical fruit, and citrus notes. It is dry and racy, and the crisp finish makes it perfect to sip on a hot day. But it also is a counterbalance to hot, spicy foods. So, when it’s Cinco de Mayo, think of paring Sauvignon Blanc with your favorite Mexican salsa-laden shrimp or fish tacos.

Chardonnay: Lush and Versatile
Once the bar-b-que gets dusted off, it’s time for some grilled chicken, and Chardonnay is the indisputable finest wine to pair with poultry dishes. Chardonnay tends to have a rounder mouthfeel, intricate flavors, and a fuller body than Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay matches the slightly dense and more structured meat of chicken and other poultry. Most Chardonnay wines see some aging in oak barrels. As a result, a greater complexity of flavors is imparted to the wine, with elegant notes of vanilla and toasted oak. The true beauty of Chardonnay is its versatility. Whether chicken is marinated, seasoned with herbs and roasted, or served with a creamy sauce, Chardonnay can complement these flavors without overpowering them.

Rosé: The Essential for Every Spring Occasion
Fresh, fruity, bright cherries, strawberries, raspberries, guava, and watermelon are all common descriptors of Rosé wines. It all adds up to one word: delicious. Rosé is the most versatile of all warm-weather wines. With a little more body than a Sauvignon Blanc and less complexity and creamy mouthfeel of a Chardonnay, it is the Goldilocks “just right. An excellent Rosé is always refreshing, with an energetic zippiness that excites the palate. It is fantastic when paired with fruits of all kinds and makes for a lovely sangria. It is a delicious spring cocktail when mixed with lemonade and sparkling water. Rosé are the ubiquitous springtime brunch cocktail – simply frozen rose blended with syrup, lemon juice, and Aperol. This blushy pink-peach-colored wine is Spring freshness embodied in a liquid.

Pinot Noir: The Ultimate Red Wine for Spring
Red wine drinkers are in luck, because a Spring lamb is an excellent pairing with the most delicate of all red wines, Pinot Noir. An Easter ham brunch served with the lighter-bodied Pinot Noir is sublime. Pinot Noir is unique within the category of red wines because it is far more delicate, and subtlety nuanced than its more robust red wine counterparts. Pinot Noir evokes notes of ripe berries, flavors of dark cherries, forest floor, tea leaves, and baking spices, giving it a complex diversity of flavors. Pinot Noir’s lighter tannins, moderate alcohol content, and higher acidity merge into an elegant, velvety mouthfeel. If Spring ham and lamb are not on the Easter menu, Pinot Noir also pairs beautifully with roast chicken, creamy soups, cheeses, and charcuterie. This adaptable red wine deserves a permanent place in the collection of every wine enthusiast.

Building Your Spring Wine Collection
As Spring unfolds, temperatures rise, and the sunny days grow longer, there’s no better time to build your Spring wine collection with the exceptional offerings from Raeburn Winery. Raeburn’s Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Pinot Noir wines are the perfect companions for your outdoor excursions, barbecues, family holiday celebrations, and al fresco meals. The array of complex fruit tones in Raeburn Chardonnay, the bright and crisp mouthfeel of Sauvignon Blanc, and the sizzling fresh floral and berry aromas of the Rosé make each bottle a sensory experience. But Spring isn’t just about white and Rose’ wines; Pinot Noir’s elegance and adaptability make it a superb addition to Spring’s culinary adventures. With each of these wines in your collection, you’ll be well prepared to elevate your springtime gatherings with friends and loved ones, adding a touch of elegance to every occasion. Now is the perfect moment to replenish your supply of Raeburn Winery’s selections and prepare for the sunny days of Spring.

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