7 Tips for a Fab Friendsgiving: The Ultimate Hosting Guide

Friendsgiving Tips Raeburn Winery

In a season so often focused on family gatherings, Friendsgiving has become a beloved tradition, a fun and festive gathering that’s all about celebrating great friendships, sharing gratitude for the pals who are always there for you, and relishing the chance to indulge in an evening of togetherness. Whether you’re hosting Friendsgiving for the first time or if your squad has been gathering for years, you’re in for a fantastic time. In this guide, we’ll share tips and tricks to help you host a memorable, stress-free, and Instagram-worthy Friendsgiving party that won’t soon be forgotten.

1. Set the Date and Send Invitations
It’s a busy time of the year, so get your invites out right now! The weekend before Thanksgiving is a typical time for a Friendsgiving gathering, but there’s no official date. Your invite sets the tone for the evening. Send a luxe paper card if that’s your style, though electronic invites work just as well for a causal evening. We like Paperless Post, but you could do Evite, a Facebook event, or even a text. We’d caution against a massive group text, though, unless your entire guest list already knows each other well.

2. Decorative Vibes
Seasonal decorations make a party feel special, but you don’t have to decorate every inch of your space. Choose a few focus areas, such as along a sideboard or in the living area. Fresh flowers or a bowl of seasonal produce are subtle yet beautiful. You can pick a single color for a bolder statement – all burgundy, with mums, pomegranates, and apples, for example. Or go Instagram-friendly with fall-themed place cards and a DIY photo booth for group pics. #FriendsgivingGoals

3. Set the Mood
The proper lighting and music add a memorable atmosphere. Curate a playlist featuring everyone’s favorite songs. You can use streaming services like Spotify to create a collaborative playlist that everyone can add to. Use candles or twinkly string lights for a warm, inviting glow.

4. Get Creative with the Menu
Save the turkey for Thanksgiving. This is a great time to choose a less traditional feast inspired by global flavors. Consider dietary preferences and restrictions – many festive vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options exist. A potluck-style meal can be easier than cooking yourself, and you can still guide the menu by asking friends to bring specific items, from appetizers to sides to desserts.

5. Signature Sips
A great selection of wine and drinks can elevate the entire experience. Start the gathering with a signature cocktail or mocktail, then offer a variety of wines to pair with dinner. Our Raeburn Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are classic, versatile choices. If your menu includes spicy fare, Sauvignon Blanc is a zesty counterpart, and of course, Cabernet Sauvignon matches up to rich, hearty dishes. Remember to offer non-alcoholic options, ensuring everyone can toast to friendship and gratitude.

6. Gratitude Ritual
Raise your glass in a cheer to friendship, recognizing the vital role each of your guests plays in your life. You can also incorporate a gratitude ritual into the evening. Ask your friends to share what they’re thankful for, encouraging responses from the profound to the simple. It’s a meaningful way to embrace the true spirit of the holiday.

7. Favors for the Squad
Finally, send your friends home with cute, personalized favors as a token of appreciation. It could be something as scones to enjoy the following day, a tiny potted plant, or a customized wine glass.

Friendsgiving is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude for the friendships that mean the world to you, and a gathering with your closest pals captures the essence of camaraderie and celebrates the spirit of the holiday. Keep it fun, stress-free, and full of moments of laughter, and you’re sure to create cherished memories and perhaps a new tradition.

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