Raeburn Winery | About
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38°28'33.1 N , 122°48'58.2 W

The Russian River Valley opens to the Pacific Ocean allowing cool fog and breezes to flow directly into the vineyards. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes benefit greatly from this maritime influence which fosters a longer, more temperate growing season and yields full flavored, complex wines with well-balanced acidity.

The Story

It’s All in a Name

Raeburn is an Olde English term which means “the river where one goes to drink.”

So, it’s fitting that Raeburn’s expressive, beautifully balanced wines begin in the heart of the Russian River Valley where some of the world’s finest Burgundy grapes are grown.

Ripe, luscious and downright delicious, let Raeburn take you to the river to share a laugh with friends, enhance your favorite meal or just let the day fall away.

The Winery

The Heart of the Russian River Valley.


Raeburn’s Winery is located on Olivet Road, a quiet country lane in the heart of Sonoma County’s famed Russian River Valley.

Originally built in as an egg storage facility, Olivet was converted to a small production winery by the iconic Sonoma County vintner, Cecil DeLoach, in 2000.  The winery was then purchased by wine and spirits innovator, Derek Benham, in January, 2005 and has since become the home of Raeburn Winery.

Nestled within Olivet’s well-insulated walls, rows of traditional French oak barrels play host to the world-class varietals for which the Russian River has come to be known: luscious Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, resting gently on their lees, their ripe fruit flavors slowly integrating with their toasted walls.

Diversion of rainwater protects the Russian River watershed and federally protected salmon spawning habitat
Partnership with Project Apis m. to improve pollinator habitats and provide growers with healthier bees
Solar energy reduces annual natural gas use by 55%

The Reasons


Raeburn Winery Founder, Derek Benham, was born to consummate birdwatcher and passionate naturalist, Phyllis Benham, who instilled within him a deep respect for nature.

Derek founded Raeburn Winery in Phyllis’ honor in 2012, with a mission to protect the thriving and diverse watersheds of the Russian River Valley she so loved and provide a safe habitat for grapes and creatures alike. As a further nod to Phyllis and our mission, we honor the graceful egret on our label, a common sight along local waterways.



Raeburn is made in a Certified California Sustainable Winery. Our system and set of beliefs reflect the best practices of sustainable production including mindful winemaking and low impact farming.

We run one of the most eco-friendly, water-efficient facilities in the industry. A canopy over the winery diverts rainwater (up to one million gallons annually) into Atascadero Creek, a federally protected salmon-spawning habitat. We collaborated with Tesla Energy to install Powerpack commercial batteries at the winery. In addition, we recycle 90% of all winery packaging materials.