Raeburn Winery | About
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38°28'33.1 N , 122°48'58.2 W

The Russian River Valley opens to the Pacific Ocean allowing cool fog and breezes to flow directly into the vineyards. Chardonnay benefits greatly from this maritime influence which fosters a longer, more temperate growing season and yields full flavored, complex wines with well-balanced acidity.

The Story

She learned to fly at 15.

Raeburn Winery, located in the scenic Russian River Valley, was created by Derek Benham in 2014. The wine is a special tribute to a lady near and dear to his heart, his mother Phyllis.

Phyllis was a birdwatcher and naturalist in the Sierras, and instilled in her son a passion and respect for the California wilderness. She was a true trailblazer. And Raeburn is the product of her and Derek’s lifetime indoctrination into nature.

Our name traces its origins to Olde English, and translates to “the stream where one drinks.”

As stewards of the land, our goal is to protect the thriving and wildly diverse watersheds of Sonoma County and beyond, which provide habitat for both grapes and creatures alike. We honor the egret on our label, as a nod to this beautiful place and this graceful bird that we see everyday along local waterways.

Russian River Valley is our home. Having made wine in this region for decades, Derek is well versed in the diversity of its terrain, ideal marine-influenced conditions, and the exceptional quality of its wines. Derek’s deep connections in Russian River Valley and the Sonoma Coast spotlight local growers and their world-class vineyards—perfectly aligned for producing expressive, beautifully balanced Chardonnay.


Because it just makes sense.

Raeburn wines are crafted in a Certified California Sustainable Winery. Our system and set of beliefs reflect the best practices of sustainable production. We are proud to call Sonoma County our home, where mindful winemaking and low impact farming is paramount, and an entire industry has come together to push for 100% sustainable vineyards countywide by 2018.

With Sonoma County as our inspiration, we run one of the most eco-friendly, water-efficient, solar-enabled facilities in the industry. A canopy over the winery diverts rainwater (up to one million gallons annually) into Atascadero Creek, a federally protected salmon-spawning habitat. We partnered with leading solar technology innovator, Cogenra Solar, to install solar modules as well as collaborated with Tesla Energy to install Powerpack commercial batteries at the winery. In addition, we recycle 90% of all winery packaging materials and host several beehives on winery grounds.

The Russian River Valley’s watershed provides a unique habitat for flora and fauna, including Coho salmon, Steelhead trout, egrets, herons and deer. We believe it’s our job to keep it that way.

Diversion of rainwater protects the Russian River watershed and federally protected salmon spawning habitat
Partnership with Project Apis m. to improve pollinator habitats and provide growers with healthier bees
Solar energy reduces annual natural gas use by 55%

West County

Untamed by choice.

West Sonoma County, California is our home. This is a place where getting lost is a good thing. We live in the moment and food is an adventure. We dive into the bounty each season brings—whether it’s harvesting Gravenstein apples or foraging winter mushrooms. Vineyards coexist with the wilderness here, and a wild coastline is just minutes away. It’s a bit untamed, and that’s how we like it. Forests neighbor family farms, and orchards line winding roads. There’s no place like it.